Anderson Bulldogges is a small family breeder of Olde English Bulldogges located just outside of Auburn, Alabama. We are dedicated to the preservation, promotion and improvement of the Olde English Bulldogge. The focus of our breeding program is on health, structural conformation, and temperament. Here at Anderson Bulldogges we take pride in producing beautiful, top-quality Olde English Bulldogges with champion bloodlines and generational pedigrees. All breedings that occur at Anderson Bulldogges are the result of careful consideration of genetic characteristics, pedigrees and relationship coefficients. Each of our breedings are selected to meet our personal standards in producing what we believe is an ideal Olde English Bulldogge…a functional dog that is family friendly and possesses a beautiful bully appearance.

  We have dedicated our lives to the Olde English Bulldogge breed and we have spent years building on specific traits that we find most appealing in the breed. We have been very selective in choosing Bulldogges that meet our requirements to use in our breeding program. All of our Bulldogges are healthy and descend from well-known bloodlines. Our Olde English Bulldogges are members of our family and our puppies are raised indoors with a lot of attention, care and socialization. All of our Olde English Bulldogge puppies come current on all vaccinations with a 1 year written health guarantee and registered NBA. To learn more about our Olde English Bulldogge breeding program, please visit About Anderson Bulldogges.

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