It was with a heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to Luke on January 27, 2018. We feel incredibly blessed to have shared many years of our lives with such a wonderful boy and we are grateful for all of the progeny that he has given us to work with in advancing his breed. To say that we miss him is a massive understatement. Words can’t express what Luke meant to us.  We will continue to leave his profile up on our main page due to his significant impact in our program. Luke is the foundation of our program and his blood runs through all of our productions extensively. We also have frozen semen that we will make use of at some point in the distant future to ensure that his influence is forever maintained in our productions for generations to come. 

NBA GCH, NAKC INTL CH, Nunley’s Cool Hand Luke, CGC (AKA: Luke) measured 18 inches tall at the withers and weighed 82 pounds. Luke was produced by Nunley Ranch and he descended from a long line of top quality  bulldogges. Luke was thick, muscular and bully. His structure and conformation was excellent and he exhibited beautiful  movement. Luke was capable of running and jumping effortlessly with power and fluidity. Luke, as his name suggests, was very laid-back and relaxed. He was a social butterfly…he enjoyed traveling and meeting new people.  This boy was very intelligent! He was always thinking one step ahead and he learned very quickly. Luke was a thinker – he always analyzed and assessed situations before acting. He earned 3 conformation show titles during his show career. Luke earned his NBA Champion title at 7 months of age and then went on to earn his NBA Grand Champion title in 2009, making him the very first NBA Grand Champion. Luke also earned his International Champion title with NAKC in 2010. He was also recognized by the AKC to be a Canine Good Citizen (CGC). Luke was chosen to represent the Olde English Bulldogge breed in the 2009 publication of  “World Atlas of Dog Breeds” by Dominique De Vito. Luke also served in the Alabama National Guard as SFC Cool Hand Luke. He was chosen to be SGT LUKE, the mascot, for DET 8 MADD DAWGS in Foley, AL and he was sworn into service in March of 2011. We were blessed beyond measure to get to share our lives with such an incredible soul. He encompassed all of the qualities that we strive to produce here at Anderson Bulldogges. He was a proven producer of consistent, quality pups and his contributions into our program have laid the ground work for generations to come.

Swearing In Ceremony of SFC Cool Hand Luke
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